Linn County 4-Hers Experience ISU

May 5, 2017

Dr. Stephanie Hansen with 4-H club

Fifty two 4-Hers from Linn, Jones and Benton Counties visited Iowa State University and the Department of Animal Science this past week.   Students between 4th and 11th grades toured the meat lab which included the cooking room, processed meats room, coolers, harvest floor and raw meat processing room.  They also discussed career opportunities.  They then took a tour of the Beef Nutrition Farm where Dr. Stephanie Hansen demonstrated how the rumen works and allowed the students to feel inside the rumen of a fistulated steer.  Dr. Dan Loy and Erika Lundy discussed ruminant nutrition and demonstrated fiber estimation with a shaker box activity for the youth.

The students ate lunch with the Department of Animal Science AnCy Guides.  They then headed for the teaching farms where Dr. Dan Morrical and the sheep farm manager demonstrated how they are using electronic id’s to record ewe performance, and keep electronic records.

Teaching and Research Farms Director, Ben Drescher,  gave a tour of the swine teaching farm.   The last stop on the tour was the Dairy farm where Jessie Juarez guided a bus tour focusing on animal comfort throughout the dairy lifecyle.  Dr. Leo Timms and Amy Powell also helped coordinate the event as well as Denise Schwab, ISU Extension Specialist and Kate Moore from Linn County.

To left:  Dr. Stephanie Hansen talks to students about beef nutrition.