Heartland Youth Sheep Show Kick Off

May 16, 2017

Heartland Youth Sheep ShowDepartment of Animal Science Graduate Student and Assistant Livestock Judging Coach, Colby Redifer, acted as judge for the Spring Kick-Off Showdown which took place at the Jeff and Deb Hansen Agriculture Student Learning Center over the weekend. Kids from the age of 5 - 21 participated in the show and traveled from all over the state and parts of Minnesota.  Two shows; The Spring Kick-Off Showdown and the Spring Futurity Show took place and combined saw close to 200 entries.  Deanna and Danielle Holmes, sheep producers from LuVerne, Iowa, helped to plan the show.  Purina provided a presentation midway through to kids and their families about pasture management and nutrition.  

The mission of the Heartland Youth Show Lamb Circuit is to promote an environment that will allow junior market lamb exhibitors to be actively involved in an ethical, practical and educational summer series of market lamb shows that culminates with a season ending rewards program based on age, overall performance in the show ring and in the educational arena while making the entire experience affordable and enjoyable for all of the participating exhibitors and their families.  Colby Redifer said "It was an excellent show put on by the HYSLC to start the show season, but it was the enjoyment and determination seen in the large number of novice exhibitors that was the most rewarding."